The Ones You’re Not Allowed to Argue With

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I don’t know how I missed this essay by Martin Selbrede when it came out in 2006, but I’m glad I found it and read it today, on the Chalcedon website.

In reviewing Ann Coulter’s book (Godless: The Church of Liberalism) and analyzing the subversion of the English language by those who seek to subvert the entire culture, and enslave it, Martin provides a dazzling insight relevant today. Very relevant indeed!

Leftids “win” arguments by choosing as their spokesmen persons who, by virtue of their sufferings, enjoy a moral authority which no one can question without appearing to be a heartless villain. We see it today: do you want your Marxist, racist, mischief-making cabal to prosper, and to skate right past any criticism? Do you want to make it above criticism?

Just call it “Black Lives Matter”! So anyone who dares to question it can be–and certainly will be–accused of saying “Black lives don’t matter.” All dissent, all criticism, is instantly morphed into Hate.

This is just one of the tactics leftids use to black out whole issues and remove them from discussion. In fact, they can stifle any discussion at all: unless you loudly agree with them, 100%, you are Guilty Of Hate. And if you don’t try to argue with them–well, that’s not good enough! ‘Cause “Silence Is Violence.” Everything but total submission is forbidden.

But only God is entitled to total submission. These people are playing with dynamite.

Martin’s essay is a little long, but it’s packed with meat and well worth reading. Not a word of it has gone out of date!

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  1. Control language, and you can control dialogue. When we accept the politically correct terminologies, we are playing along with this scheme.

    1. Yes! And I read a great article the other day (wish I could remember who wrote it; but I read a lot of articles) stating that we should stop calling the nooze “mainstream news” because none of the things is pushes are anywhere near being “mainstream” in America. So we should stop calling it that… which is why I call it “nooze.”

    2. Exactly. A personal experience, many years ago, taught me a lifelong lesson. One tactic employed by persons of bad intent, is to get their victim to make a small, reasonable concession, and then twist and exploit that concession mercilessly to the advantage of their nefarious aims.

      The “mainstream media” have declared themselves to be the legitimate sources for information and have strongly implied that any other source is “fake news”. If we allow these media sources to dominate the narrative, they are at an unfair advantage. What seems to escape the notice of almost everybody is that the “mainstream media” derives any power it has from one simple source; the mass audience. If we simply refuse to watch these news sources, read these newspapers, or even visit their websites, we can effectively nullify their influence. People complain endlessly about the bias of the “mainstream media”, but if people continue to consume their product in any form, they are actually supporting them.

      The least time I bought a newspaper, it was because I needed some paper for packing a box. The time before that was when I wanted to see some specific ads, because I was buying a new car. Two newspapers, in the last 20 years. I don’t recall the last time I watched a news broadcast on television … and yet I live.

      We can’t strangle the “mainstream media” and shouldn’t try. I absolutely believe in freedom of the press, but without the discretion of consumers, this system breaks down. We do not have to consume the “news” generated by sources which we feel are biased, unfair, or untruthful.

  2. The solution is not to care what they say or think. If they want to call you a racist white supremacist then so be it. Those words have been so overused and misused that they no longer carry any weight as far as I’m concerned.

  3. NewsMax TV’s Greg Kelly has a feature called “Black Lives Do Matter” where he highlights black children killed by drive-by shooters that the Black Lives Matter people don’t seem to give a hoot about. Unless you are black and shot by a white cop they are not interested in your death.

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