‘Am I Still on “The Right”?’ (2017)

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This question hasn’t gone away since I asked it four years ago. Again I ask Conservatives, what are they conserving?

Am I Still on ‘the Right’?

We’ve done a very poor job of, um, “conserving” our culture. What we’ve done is to let the Far Left Crazy trash it. Now we’re stuck with a transgender movement–which, if everybody does it, the human race goes extinct. Which is almost certainly its purpose. All Satantic schemes are aimed at death.

Some of these “conservatives,” as long as their stock porfolio’s all right and there’s no riff-raff in the country club, all’s right with the world…

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  1. The problem is not conserving, it is producing – producing a heavenly culture on the earth. We need to compete with the world in education, music, movie & TV show making, and politics, not moon about a rapture that will in an instant relieve all our problems.

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