Are We in North Korea?

North Korea to cut communication lines with the South -

Throughout the ten-year history of this blog, we’ve picked up a couple of new followers every week. That’s how we wound up with 1,700 of them.

But in the past several weeks, no new followers at all. Not even one.

What happens if you try to follow me? Do they tell you they’ve made the connection for you–only it doesn’t show up at my end? Is Big Tech trying to cut off our communication with each other? Go ahead, tell me that would astonish you.

It’s like we just woke up in North Korea.

I wish a few of you would help me in an experiment. Just click whatever you need to click to follow this blog, and let’s see what happens. And please tell me if you’ve tried. If I hear from five new followers, but my follower stats remain totally unchanged, I’ll know something’s fishy.

Note: There is a “Following” button in the lower right-hand corner of this page.

I don’t think they’re letting us follow each other’s blogs.

Let’s try to find out.

4 comments on “Are We in North Korea?

  1. Things are so mixed up every day. A couple of my book purchases were charged to my son instead, and had to straighten that out, one of my friends had her phone hacked and she had to change her number, I click on one of your posts and a different one shows up… it is getting so frustrating.

  2. I sometimes wonder that myself, though lately, thanks in large part to my webmaster, I have been receiving likes from other bloggers.

    1. It’s unprecented, here at this blog, over ten years, not to get any new followers. It just didn’t happen until this year. I can’t explain it–and so far today’s experiment hasn’t produced a single new follower.

      That’s why I think Big Tech is trying to cut us off from each other.

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