My Newswithviews Column, June 3 (‘Three Abominations–Shall We Try for Four?’)

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Bad enough I have to write about this stuff. I won’t show pictures of it! Have a nice grey tree frog instead.

What if everybody does it?

What if everybody aborts their babies, practices “gay marriage,” and gets their kids to be “transgender”?

By and by, nobody left.

Three Abominations—Shall We Try for Four?

In That Hideous Strength, C.S. Lewis argued that Satan’s end goal was the erasure of all life from the earth. Did he get that right!

But King Solomon beat him to it: “All they that hate me love death” (Proverbs 8:36)

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  1. Good article. Can’t believe that we are living in a country where all these things are happening. June used to be the month of happy weddings with photos of happy couples (men with women) splashed all over magazines and in newspapers. Now it’s sporting the six-banded rainbow of inclusion on everything and even in cereal. A few years back when homosexuals were given the go-ahead for entering marriage together I knew this was going to open a pandora’s box of troubles but it’s happening and happening so quickly. Very scary times we are living in and yet it’s not even the full extent of degradation. What’s next? I’m afraid to ask. And I wonder how long will the Lord wait before enough is enough?

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