Christian Blogger: Verse of the Day

This comes from Kristi Ann’s Haven. It’s her “Verse of the Day,” Ephesians 4:32–followed by other verses.

Now, what if other Christian bloggers, reading this, decide to reblog it or link to it on their own respective pages? The post gets more views, and censorship is weakened–not to mention God’s word gets preached!

They can stifle us one at a time, but I don’t think they can stifle us all at once.

We should at least try.

Enjoy Kristi Ann’s post, and let’s support each other!

3 comments on “Christian Blogger: Verse of the Day

  1. Amen. I am all for that. We all need to be about our Father’s business. I love all of His word.

  2. Sorry, I don’t have my blog since my husband passed away. Soon after he died, someone stole the blog, and I was too busy to challenge. The Rives blog, commandment went down, too. I posted a lot of articles there, too. When my computer crashed, I even lost the articles I had saved, and this different computer will not even play them from disc. Boy, what a deal. I post a short article/teaching on facebook
    sometimes, and am writing a few new short teachings as I receive from the Holy Spirit. That is all I have now. Thanks for asking.

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