I’m On MeWe Now

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Okay! Thanks to Weavingword, with a little boost from SlimJim, I am now on MeWe and I’ve just made my first post there. I have no idea where this is going to take me. I’m trying to rally Christian bloggers to fight the censors by reblogging or linking to each other’s posts, and I hope MeWe can be part of that.

What I should be seeing is referrals from MeWe. At least, that’s what I think I should be seeing. But it’s very easy for me to go wrong when dealing with computer stuff.

Soon I should be able to put all my blog posts on my MeWe page.

A big part of taking our country back has to be to break the Big Tech oligarchs’ stranglehold on social media.

And get those incredibly wasteful and harmful “colleges” and “universities” defunded!

15 comments on “I’m On MeWe Now

  1. Lee iI have tried to write this on Joe’s page. I have tried to ask him to post his paper on his blog. See if this works.

    1. Well, I’m replying to it, so it works.
      But I can also see, right here on my stats page,the two comments you posted on my Joe Collidge piece. So they didn’t disappear. Are you telling me you couldn’t see them?

  2. When I first looked I could not see them. That is why I posted so many. Think the problem is my computer.

    1. I haven’t quite got the hang of it yet. My pictures don’t come out, and here I have ZERO referrals from MeWe–which indicates something is wrong. But I don’t know what.

    2. Are you able to join the group I recommended? Going to be in my laptop in an hour and will send you the link; going to try to promote your link today by the way 😀

    3. I haven’t yet learned how to locate the group or participate in it. But I’m eager to see what happens when you try to promote my link.

    4. Ooh-ooh! I have 18 views on that so far, so I think it must have worked–even though I see nothing under “Referrals” on my stats page.

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