‘The Age of Nothingism’

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The first thing I saw when I turned on the computer this morning was Firefox “celebrating Pride Month.” Why are they “celebrating” homosexuality? God knows. And He will not forget that He knows.

The Age of Nothingism

“Nothingism” means “nothing good.” Our ruling class, our wealthy corporations, our (ahem!) “teachers”–the whole evil crowd of them–call evil good and good, evil. They see the same images we do, but they say, “Oh, that’s wonderful, we’ve got to have more of that!” Be it sidewalks heaped with human feces, city neighborhoods being put to the torch, or worse. There’s always worse, and they always seek it out.

May the Lord Our God defend us.

4 comments on “‘The Age of Nothingism’

  1. Well, if we’re going to “celebrate pride,” then in the interest of inclusion and diversity, we also need to celebrate all the rest of the Seven Deadly Sins as well. Why should anger, avarice, envy, gluttony, lust, and sloth feel left out?

  2. Pride that celebrates how great we think we are is sin. Pride in something that is righteous and pleasing to God is a very good pride. Why are we paying reparations to homosexuals and mentally sick people by dedicating a whole month to them. Who is making these decisions?

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