Hooray, We’re Not Confused Anymore!

The Pushmi-Pullyu Struggle - Sue Rosen

Remember Dr. Doolittle, and the Pushmi-Pullyu–that two-headed animal that always tried to go north and south at the same time?

Well, we thought that was impossible, didn’t we? But someone at the Make a Wish Foundation must’ve made a big, tall, wish–because the Pushmi-Pullyu has had a son, and Make a Wish has got him!

The creature’s name is Yadoo-Yadont, named for Make a Wish’s policy of granting and not granting wishes to terminally ill children who have not been vaccinated for COVID 19. You do have to be vaccinated to receive a wish, but also you don’t! You do have a choice, but you don’t! What could be clearer than that?

Now we understand their position perfectly: you do and you don’t. Yadoo-Yadont, the son of Pushmi-Pullyu. Mind you, someone’s gonna get a Nobel Prize for this. I nominate whoever thought of this and didn’t think of it at the same time.