‘Teachers’ Speak with Forked Tongue

Critical race theory: America's latest cultural battleground | The Week UK

The public ain’t buyin’ it, sunshine!

What’s wrong with this argument.

*”We most certainly do not teach Critical Race Theory in our schools! Look, it’s not even on our website!” (https://redstate.com/streiff/2021/07/06/national-education-association-suddenly-deletes-critical-race-theory-documents-from-its-website-proving-crt-is-not-taught-in-our-schools-n407469

*”Please contribute more money to our fund to defend CRT and teachers who teach it–we’ve only raised $12.5 million so far!” (https://redstate.com/jeffc/2021/07/06/teachers-union-president-threatens-legal-action-against-anti-critical-race-theory-laws-n407415)

Yeah, uh-huh. Suddenly all mention of CRT disappears from the National Education Assn. website… and Randi Weingarten (American Federation of Teachers)  is piling up money to defend something that isn’t being taught.

The great thing about CRT is that virtually everybody hates it! White people don’t like being “taught” that they’re evil. Black people don’t like being cast as helpless, incompetent pawns. Hating CRT is something that just about all Americans can agree on. Except for dyed-in-the-wool stone-headed liberals. And teachers’ unions.

Go ahead, leftids–keep defending CRT and see where it gets you. You say you’re The Smartest People In The World. Bring it on!


8 comments on “‘Teachers’ Speak with Forked Tongue

  1. A better thing to realize, expressed in the song by Gaither Group titled HE is here.
    Teachers? yeah, right.

  2. CRT is so stupid, and so is the 1619 Project. Only people who do not know American history. The more the Left pushes this, the more they are destroying themselves.

    1. You’d swear they were trying to start a race war. Their ideology is almost identical to Charles Manson’s.

    2. They are destroying themselves. God’s way is to let people have enough freedom so that they succeed or fail solely because of their own actions. Basically, people frame their own judgment. Some of these people may deeply regret the trouble they’ve caused and may never be able to escape the stigma they have brought upon themselves.

  3. These are the same teachers who refused to enter a classroom for over a year, right? Maybe there should be a class about Teacher Privilege.

    1. What if they were treated the same as anyone else that refused to go to work? This lockdown has proven that the schools do little more than waste time.

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