‘Using Magic to Get Anything You Want’ (2015)

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I’m starting to lose track of the difference between magic and science. Both rely on esoteric knowledge and promise all sorts of goodies.

Still, you’d think that with the costliest and most intrusive education system ever devised by man, we could do a little better than widespread belief in “guardian angel wishing dust.”

Using Magic to Get Anything You Want

Hmm… What was that original temptation again? Something about being as gods, that was it: do this and you’ll be like God.

And if the wishing dust doesn’t work, there’s always Artificial Intelligence.

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  1. Can’t help but remember the little yarn about “scientists” saying “wow, we have found out how to create life. Look at this a living thing we created by ourselves, no need of God.” HE said to them, let me see what you have created. They HE said no, no, get your own dirt, don’t start with what I created” Ha, I’d like to see them “create” one single thing out of nothing.

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