Yes, He Really Said ‘Screw Your Freedom’


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Former movie star, and once the most pathetic jelly-spined governor California ever had, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has weighed in on the COVID mask controversy.

“Screw your freedom,” he explained. “You’re a schmuck,” sez Arnold–his word, not mine–if you don’t wear a mask. Because, he babbles, “The science is unanimous.”

Gee, where have we heard that before? Oh, I know! It’s what leftids always say when they want to force us to do something we don’t want to do. It’s Science! And Science is never, ever wrong.

Not only that–it’s unanimous science. Not a single scientist anywhere has a discouraging word to say about doing us all up in face masks. And you thought there was no such thing as “unanimous science”! You must be a racist.

Well, now we have it straight from the horse’s… er… mouth. Or does it actually come from the horse’s other end?

14 comments on “Yes, He Really Said ‘Screw Your Freedom’

  1. He wasn’t even that good as an actor, as a leader in California? Even worse. Who wants to listen to a Horse’s you know what.

    1. We enjoyed his movies, back in the day. The bad acting was part of their charm. Just imagine him in “Richard III.” You’d laugh till you plotzed.

    1. Time has revealed behaviors I would see as constituting some very serious flaws in his moral character. He may have identified with the Libertarian aspects of conservative thought, but without a strong moral foundation, freedom can be misused as a blind for evil.

    2. In one of his films, “The Last Action Hero,” the heroic character played by Schwarzenegger meets the real Arnold and says, “I don’t even like you.” Hmmm……

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