Allixanter He Is Comming ‘To’ Collidge!!!!!

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O watt Fabyuliss news!!!! Allixanter “the” Grate he is comming to Our Collidge to teetch Frinology!!! witch is the Scients “of” studdying The bummps on somb-one’s hedd to see “if” Thay are alll rihght!!!!!!

Somb Biggit Hater Racist he sayed “”Butt Allixanter he dyed like thousints And thousints of “yeers” aggo”!” so we tooked aweay “his” Luntch Munny and “p”ut himb Into Sensertivvaty Traning!!!!!! He whil Not be aloud “to Sleeep” untill his Myind is Rihght!!!!

Back “in The” Sevvinties Allixanter he conkered Grease and Rhome and Indier but thay maid himb Give It “Back”!” He ownly didded it for Socile Jutstus!!! Sints thenn he Has bin Studdying Frinology  alawng whith Bil Nye and aslo somb gye naimed Arris Tuttle!!!! Togetther thay has Revilussionized the Scients!!!!!

I amb Eegar “to” taik, thatt Coarse!!!! I has awlyaws bien Fastrinated by Frinology becose whith It yiu cain aslo Tell “the Fiutchure!”!”  My grate-grate grampa he whent “to” sea a Frinologist and wowned Up “geting” a Jobb as a Pander!!!!

Yiu maiy has Knotised in that thare pixture that Allixanter he “has” kynd Of a funnny hat!! Well that is a offishul Frinology Hat,, yiu got “to” where It wen yoore Feeeling “the Bummps!”!!” The fetthers thay Hellp yiu to tell The Fiutchure!!!!!!!

I cloes whith somb-thing i heered in a lexture “the Othre Day–” “It is Possabull to Akwire a Deeep Under-Stand’ing of Histry whith-out anny Historickle Fackts!!!!!!!!!!” I hoap that is True foar Frinology tooo!!!!!

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