We Moastly Cant Tawk No Moar!!

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Wel Allixanter “the” Grate he has come And gawn allreddy and meenwile “we” has a CO-Vid eemerjintsy hear “at” Collidge!!!!!!!

We has just got a No Tawking Man-Date layed “on us” by the guvverner of New Zeelind!! We “are” Not aloud to Tawk!!!!!! So we hadded a Merjintsy meating “of The” Stoodint Soviet,, althoh it reely Is harrd to has a meating wen yiu Cannot Tawk!!!!

We past a Mendmint to the Man-Date that letts us Tawk as lawng as “we Are” tawking Anty-Racist Socile Jutstus Tawk!!!! We jist has to Re-memmber to say stuph evry Tymb we whant “to Say” anny thing!!!!!

Frintstints, iff yiu Go “To The Kaffaterier” for a bole Of Play-Doh,, yiu Has gots to Say it lyke, “”Daown whith Wyte Soupramesses can i has somb Play-Doh”?” And thay whil say “”Thatll be two dollers Peeple Of Collor thay shood get Free Munny!!!!”  Or say yiu “are” axing for a date–whel, wayt, nevver mined, thare isnt No “dayting” aloud no moar unlest It “is” Trans-Ginder dayting!!!!

Aslo fromb nhow On we has awl gots to has Cryptical Race Theery Traning With Climbit Chains to maik shure Our mineds “are” Rihght!!!

4 comments on “We Moastly Cant Tawk No Moar!!

  1. I’m surprised that they’re allowed to talk at all. In Australia and New Zealand this wouldn’t be permitted. But then again, they wouldn’t be permitted to go to meetings or the cafeteria, either. They’d have to “stay in [their] bubble.”

    Come to think of it, I wonder what Joe’s collidge would make of staying in one’s bubble? 😉

    1. I think their last proposal was for everybody to wear a plastic bag over their heads. But after the first few deaths by asphyxiation, they abandoned it.

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