Noozie: ‘Unvaccinated’ Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Buy Food

J. H. Miller Earth Invaders a.k.a. Miller Aliens - SPACEMEN FIGURES -  Alphadrome

This is what they look like when they’re not on camera.

See? See? I was right! America is being lorded over by space aliens disguised as human beings. They’ve taken over all our institutions–government, nooze media, schools and colleges, Hollywood: the whole shebang!

You can tell which ones are aliens inhabiting human bodies because they all say things like CNN’s Don Lemon does. Yes, he’s one of them. They’re all totally estranged from America. They despise the American people and are working feverishly to destroy the American way of life.

So Lemon says “the unvaccinated” shouldn’t be allowed to buy food, shouldn’t be allowed to work ( Sounding like Heinrich Himmler doesn’t bother him a bit. That he proposes to punish tens of millions of people without even a pretense of due process of law–hey, he says it with a smile. Thinks it would be kinda cool.

How did we ever wind up being ruled by these Pod People?

And please, Lord–how do we get rid of them?

James Madison U. ‘Pauses’ Critical Race Theory Training

They call it “a college education.”

You’d almost think we were living in a science fiction movie, in which alien invaders take over our education system (if that’s what you want to call it), dividing students into Good Guys and Bad Guys on the basis of their skin color and demanding that they remake the United States into a hell-hole of racial animosity.

But that’s just what they tried to do at James Madison University, Virginia.

And now they’re “pausing” it because somebody leaked a training video and the public hit the ceiling over it, and hard questions are being asked in the state legislature (

The leaked video showed charts which divided students into “Privileged” and “Oppressed” categories, based mostly on race. Oh–and all white males are “oppressors.”

Students were being forced to watch this drivel. Now it’s “paused”… because the school got caught.

Why do we allow this? Families pay a fortune for their children’s college education–and this is what they get? Hypocritical race theory! Shoved down their throats by the biggest racists in the world.

Public education, Hollywood, our Free & Independent Nooze Media, Big Tech–these America-hating mutants have taken over all our institutions.

It has to stop. They’re wrecking our country and it has to stop.

Meanwhile, James Madison is spinning in his grave. But don’t worry, Mr. President. Eventually they’ll decide you were a racist, your Constitution sucks, and they’ll rename the school after Fidel Castro.

Our Ruling Class Despises Us

Trauma Healing: Heads of Hydra - Catherine Hale

Okay! You’ve got a collaborative effort by Big Government and Big Media, on the subject of “potential terror threats” ( Big Government and Big Media are two heads of the hydra that we know as America’s ruling class. What do you suppose those two heads came up with?

Not to keep you in suspense, here are the big-time “potential terror threats” according to the Biden Dept. of Homeland Security and CBS Nooze.

*”opposition to COVID measures” (gasp! I’m terrified already!)

*”claims of election fraud” (Ya think?)

*”belief that Donald Trump can be reinstated” (a belief we are evidently not allowed to have)

*And–get this!–“9/11 anniversary and religious holidays.

Ooh! Celebrating Christmas! Quick, get the FBI on the phone!

How did we ever wind up getting lorded over by this crowd? Is “terrorist” going to devolve, as “racist” has, into just another meaningless label to slap onto anyone who disagrees with you in any way? Just thrown around like confetti–with government and noozies going for the blood of anyone a piece of that confetti sticks to.

Where can we get a whole new ruling class? Or should we try to get by without one?