‘Why Was Jesus’ Baptism Important?’ (Christian Blogger)

The Baptism of Jesus

Please welcome “The Christian Tech-Nerd” to our circle. I don’t know her name, but she’s young, she has a Christian blog, and she’s one of us.

Here she discusses the baptism of Our Lord Jesus Christ. When you think about it… why should He have had to be baptized at all?

Why Was Jesus’ Baptism Important?

It’s one of those things you read about in the Bible over and over again–and you just accept it because you’ve heard this story since you were a kid in Sunday school and no one ever said you had to think about it. Well, we all need to read the Bible more alertly than we do! There’s so much to be gained.

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  1. Jesus’ baptism was that point in His life at which He became a priest. He was already a King through His earthly father David, but He was not a member of the tribe of Levi from which came the Jewish priesthood. When He was baptized, He became as Melchizadec, that is, both King and Priest.

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