‘Erasing History, Creating Idiots’ (2016)

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Nope, no history here…

Do you actually know anybody who suffered “trauma” because he saw or heard or read something that he didn’t like? Are college pinheads genuinely that fragile, psychologically–or is this just a scam that allows the Far Left Crazy to bully normal people?

Erasing History, Creating Idiots

We’re not allowed to have our history, because of course “real history” only begins with whatever Far Left douchebag happens to be speaking at the moment. So we erase the rest–and presto! Cultural amnesia! We saddle ourselves with a disability just to please these ninnies who hate us anyway.

7 comments on “‘Erasing History, Creating Idiots’ (2016)

  1. History is a tool of the patriarchy. No, pardon me, I mean a tool of the heteronormative phallologocentric homo/transphobic white supremacist patriarchy.

    1. Yeesh! “Traumatized” by a painting? But the rest of us must be just as crazy for always giving in to them.

      Most of these jerks need a damned good thrashing.

  2. Sometimes I think they’re just sated and bored and have to play at being “traumatized” in order to add some interest to their lives. And then, like so many hysterics, they begin to believe in the role they’re playing and can’t find their way out of it.

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