‘Harvard: “Gender” Changes Day to Day

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This story is already revolting enough without an illustration. Here’s a lovely red salamander instead.

We’ve been living with this “transgender” garbage for years now. Imagine that.

Our colleges and universities belch it out like smog.

Harvard: ‘Gender’ Changes Day to Day

Yowah, yowsah! Today you’re this, tomorrow you’re that. And everybody better be on the ball with those pronouns–because “misgendering” can actually cause one of these jidrools to kick the bucket. Harvard says so!

How are we supposed to keep our self-respect, if they can force us to say we believe stuff like that?

We’re not.

6 comments on “‘Harvard: “Gender” Changes Day to Day

  1. I’ll take a sack of that to spread on my lawn. 🙂 Threaten the lives!? I’ve been called some pretty insulting names in my day, but those are just words, and it’s going to take more than words to hurt me.

  2. You’re not supposed to notice, of course, that “you can change your gender from day to day” contradicts their other mantra of “born this way” and their suppression of attempts to help people overcome their same-sex attraction. But that’s the way postmodernism goes.

  3. Where I live I have never encounter anyone who wants me to call them by an improper pronoun – and I am so glad of that. But if this ever becomes the norm I think I will tell people I prefer to be called king.

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