‘UN Wackos Call for $240/Gallon Gas Tax’ (2018)

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President Trump let them howl at the moon for four years, but now the Climbit Chains witch doctors are ramping up their act again because he isn’t there to ignore them.

What do they want? Well, stupid crazy stuff like this.

UN Wackos Call for $240/Gallon Gas Tax

So next month the world’s ruling class will have a big pow-wow (in Scotland) and try to decide what to do about winter. France wants ’em to “re-classify” nuclear energy as “green energy,” ROFL. Why don’t they just do the same for fossil fuels, and end the problem? But there’s a strong faction among the big shots that’s willing to see the plebs all freeze themselves to death as a human sacrifice to their pagan pseudo-religion.

Oh! And don’t forget those “unprecedented societal changes”! Betcha can’t wait to see what those are! The plan-demic has already given us a little taste of that.

May the Lord our God defend us.



3 comments on “‘UN Wackos Call for $240/Gallon Gas Tax’ (2018)

  1. And if He doesn’t defend us during this time of testing, trying to figure out the mess on our own is not going to work.

  2. The UN report went on and on about how much people are suffering because the earth has warmed over 1* since the Industrial Revolution. What they don’t say is more people die when the climate gets colder than when it gets warmer – but then again, it is useless to consider anything the UN says because they are a tool of Satan.

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