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Don’t you love it when suddenly you want to shout “Eureka!” and leap out of the bathtub–because finally, at last, you have just seen something clearly? It’s one of the things I love about working in the Chalcedon Foundation’s ministry. New insights are always just around the corner.

Today, as I listened to the Chalcedon podcast (see the preceding post), I granted we are living under a Great Fear. Who can deny it? COVID! Climate Change! Systemic Racism! Yowsah, yowsah, we are scared witless!

Ah! But government will save us! Especially a global government.

Uh, wait a minute… Who put us under that Great Fear? Morning, noon, and night–whose tame nooze media pumped out fear? Who told us we were all gonna die horrible deaths unless we gave more power to the government?

And who takes off in private jets at the drop of a hat, lives in mansions eighteen inches from the tide line, throws $30,000-a-plate wingdings in which they don’t wear the masks that they demand we wear?

Of course they make us afraid! How better to secure their power over us? The only thing better would be to get us all addicted to a drug that only they could supply–and only to the good little sheeple who obey them unconditionally.


They do this to us and expect to be rewarded.

May God reward them as they deserve.

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  1. Great insights. It’s the oldest sales technique in the world; inform someone of a “threat” they never imagined existed and then offer to sell them the solution. Sadly, it works all too often.

    1. Yes, I get phone calls like that all the time, usually from someone claiming to be from “the Windows office” about terrible error and hacking signals they’re seeing on my computer, or from “agents” at the border who have information on how my social security number is being used illegally. The government grifters are just as slimy as these callers — but we can’t hang up on them.

    2. I’d like to see some of these solicitors held accountable. I once came close to being in an accident because of a solicitation call from a well-known tech publisher, whom I had told to never call me again. Because of the nature of my work, I have to answer my phone when it rings, and these fools distracted me at a very busy moment. I was fortunate not to have been in a accident and I let the guy on the phone know about it. It occurs to me that with the millions of these illegal calls that are happening, there are undoubtedly cases where they have caused real harm to someone with their criminal activity and if they prosecuted a few of these cases to the extent of the law they just might make it less attractive of a proposition.

      If someone calls you from out of the blue, implying that they are from Windows support, hang up. I once had a jidrool that would call and tell me that they had seen a problem on my computer. I asked what operating system he showed me as having and he said Windows 10. I stopped him right there and explained that I used a Macintosh with OS X, but he didn’t skip a beat, trying to tell me that I didn’t know what I was talking about. (At the time, I managed a Windows domain for a living.) He got very angry, and amazingly, he had the gall to call me again. By that time, we know one another by name and I asked why he kept calling when it was obvious that I was on to his scheme. Eventually he quit calling.

      With another of these guys, I asked if he thought that his grandmother would be proud of what he did for a living. He actually broke down and admitted that he was ashamed of himself. I suggested that he invest in some schooling and learn to do something that helped people, then wished him well before hanging up.

    3. Most of our nuisance calls come from robots.
      With a number of relatives in iffy situations, health-wise, we can’t turn our phone off. And not even Sunday gives us a respite from these calls.

    4. Sadly, most people really have very little confidence in their own thoughts and are all too willing to accept the advice of others, even if it is bad advice.

    5. Personal responsibility is the cornerstone of Conservative thought. If you live by the dictates of others, you can pretend to avoid blame.

  2. To be sure God will take care of all this. We only have to look at what happened to the “kings” who went astray as recorded in the Tanakh. We are no different, and God changes NOT.

    1. Pretty much my sentiments, as well. Hopefully they will be thwarted before too much damage is done. In the meantime, the political climate of the last 10 months has helped to stack the dominoes for Gog of Magog.

  3. “I granted we are living under a Great Fear.”
    Much of this fear does not come from the government. Most of the modern church world preaches fear, (Who can deny it?) the Great Tribulation is almost upon us, the “Antichrist” is about to be revealed, earthquakes, wars, all the events we see all around us show us this is so (sure it does…not). I had a “Eureka” season (not a moment) about twenty years ago, when I realized all of the biblical “end times” “last days” doom and gloom events were not about to happen. When I realized the “Antichrist” was not scheduled to arrive in my future, nor the worlds near future. And the evil events going on all around us, have nothing to do with the events Jesus told us about in his Olivet Discourse. These modern-day soothsayers have been wrong 100% of the time for the last 1900 years! So, when any preacher, in any “end time” message or sermon, preaches about the “mark of the beast” wars, earthquakes, and other evil events, just remember, those preachers which preach such things have a failure rate of 100%. I deal with this, and so much more in my book “Israel, Rapture, Tribulation.” God has not given us the spirit of fear. As I outline in my book, God has a plan for victory for His people, as told to us in His word.

  4. The Biblical “return,” Christ’s parousia, and all the events He stated would happen within that generation, did happen. We know when it occurred (AD 70. Do you see the temple standing, that Jesus said, “See ye not all these things? Verily I say unto you, There shall not be left here one stone upon another that shall not be thrown down” Matt. 24:2). Jesus told His disciples that they would see those things, the earthquakes, wars, pestilences, and the destruction of the temple. He also told them, that their generation would not pass away until all those things took place. He told them in Matthew 16:28, that some of them would live to see these things. That temple is long gone, and so are the events which Jesus told His disciples to watch for. They did believe what Jesus told them, and not one of them perished when Jerusalem fell. So yes, we can look back in history and know just when it took place.

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