‘SF Teachers: Teach the Kiddies That Hillary Won’ (2016)

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Back when you were in school, did any of your teachers ever “teach” you anything that they knew to be false? Well, okay, as a kid you wouldn’t have caught them at it. But I have met teachers who admit to teaching falsehoods. “If it makes the kids feel better about themselves,” they add.

And here are the unionized teachers in San Francisco in 2016, trying to “teach” children that Hillary Clinton was president: “Don’t teach them that we LOST,” says the teachers’ guide. Waddaya mean, “we”?

SF Teachers: Teach the Kiddies That Hillary Won

So, for those afflicted with amnesia, Donald Trump did not invent refusing to accept election results. In fact, Democrats NEVER accept it when they lose.

Well, this is what you get when you mix Far Left politics with leftist wacko public schools.

But get rid of the schools, and the Far Left Crazy dies.

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  1. Yep, it is now directed by …what?… When my grandsons were in grade school, they were teaching that Americans were abusing their Mexican employees. (workers, by the way, who were very grateful for having jobs) and they were using a “math book” to do it. I confronted one teacher about it, and she sheepishly had to say she had to use the book she was assigned to teach from. Great Scott. Even my 5th grader knew there was no truth in it.

  2. Since leftists consider themselves gods, any apparent defeat they experience must (to them) be an illusion created by the devil.

    1. Yes, I’m feeling somewhat better, although not completely back to my normal self yet. I wouldn’t miss Joe Collidge for the world! I just don’t have enough energy yet to respond appropriately. (But then again, how DOES one respond appropriately to Joe?)

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