‘Good News, for Once!’ (2016)

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America needs to start being America again! Some years ago, a high-school girl showed us how.

Good News! (For Once)

“School officials” told the students that no one could mention the name of Jesus Christ–especially not at any point during the graduation ceremony. The girl did it anyway! And what could the dunderheads do but sit on their hands and fume?

What has all this COVID bullschiiff taught us?

No more speech police, no more transgender propaganda, no more elites lording it over us, no more lockdowns, and no more atheism as the unofficial state religion! A teenage girl’s courage, just five years ago, has already shown us the way.

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  1. Matt Walsh has come under fire from the Left for his news children’s book about a boy who Identifies as a walrus. He says for all of history people have believed there are only male and female, and only in the last 12 seconds of history have some people believed there are many genders, so he is siding with history.

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