‘Transhumanists Want to Digitize Your Baby’s Brain’

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(Thanks to Susan for the nooze clip)

It is He that hath made us, and not we ourselves   –Psalm 100:3

Well, this is the kind of nooze that makes me want to just throw up my hands and dial 911 to God. “This is too much, Lord! Please rescue us!”


The Smartest Idiots In The World want to take the human race back to the drawing board for a do-ever, this time by themselves instead of God. There’s this NGO called “Welcome Leap” that’s received tens of millions of dollars’ worth of funding so they can do experiments like “the Thousand Days Project”… in which they experiment on babies to see if they can tailor brain development to mean technocracy’s needs.

Oh, they do love the Pandemic! Why, you can build a whole technocratic society on it–absolute rule by Smart Idiots! You go from mandating universal “vaccines” to quickly cooking up rNA “therapy” for every disease you can think of–all right away, all at once, none of this old-fashioned waiting around for a long term to see the long-term effects. Bill and Melinda Gates have put up some of the dough for this, so it’s got to be good!

And while we’re all getting, ahem, “vaccinated,” that would be a good time to implant microchips in us for whatever reason The Great God Science thinks is a reason.

He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh (Psalm 2:4)… and when He’s done laughing at you muttonheads, watch out.

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  1. From things I’ve been reading, I gather that the graphene in the covid shots actually can act as a kind of GPS tracking device. But I may be misunderstanding what I’ve read.

    1. I would highly doubt that. Our bodies are very good at getting rid of foreign matter, so even if they found a way to do that, the effects would be short lived.

  2. It is interesting how the word science comes from the word to know, whereas technology comes from the word to change. Science has gone from wanting to know how the creation works to how to manipulate created things into man’s image of himself as top dog. The only time I know of when God decided to improve on his creation was when he made Eve 🙂

  3. Maybe this is the reason I always disliked science when I was in school. I just thought it was very boring and nonsensical, but I thought at the time that it might be because the teachers we had were lousy. Now, it has appeared that it is much worse that I even imagined.

    1. There would be no science, as we know it, without Christianity. But science has turned against the Church and sold itself to Satan. Wants to be a church itself, y’see…

    2. You make a great point, Lee.

      Science, as in the search for knowledge, should be completely compatible with the belief in a Creator and with the Bible. The Bible is not intended to teach physical science, but it does offer some great insights, such as describing the water cycle, that the earth is round and that breath is associated with life.

      Newton, is a very good example of a devout believer whose insights were derived from observation and the belief in a Creator. Faraday, whose insights are key to the understanding of electricity and magnetism, was a very devout man and his beliefs guided his understanding, actually anticipating the understanding of atomic and molecular structure, as his beliefs were that order pervaded all creation and that large objects were based upon much smaller elements. Our modern world would not have been possible without what Faraday discovered and he was not highly educated in the mainstream of scientific education, but ended up noticing things that scientists of his day had overlooked.

      Our modern world is possible because of the groundwork laid by scientists over many, many years. As one looks back in time, the preponderance of believing scientists increases. Christian belief gives freedom from superstition and fear-based reasoning. Belief in one Creator, instead of fearing multiple gods, such as gods of wind, rain, fire, etc. gives the mind an advantage in unraveling the mysteries of the Universe. If one is attempting to understand any complex system, it helps to understand the thinking that went into the design of that system.

      For example, the Bell System of analog telephones was designed for reliability and consistency. The phones we had up until the ‘80s were marvels of simplicity, reliability and consistent performance, but that was a reflection of the character of the people and the companies which created it. They were not perfect, and could be tough to deal with, but the Bell Family of companies did deliver a very reliable product.

      Our God delivered a perfect material world, which was spoiled by the sin of the first couple. Understanding that this is a fallen world gives us a huge advantage in understanding the world we see around us. At each stage of creation, God pronounced His work as “good”, but after the Fall, the goodness was no longer complete.

      Stephen Fry, a comic and actor who is famed for his atheism, stated that if he found himself in the presence of God, he will challenge God because of the terrible things that happened, such as children getting bone cancer. While I hate the thought of children, or anyone, suffering, the fact that this is a fallen world explains the reasons. We have no right to shake our fists at God, because we (the human race) caused this. God gave His Son, to redeem us; he’s not the villain in this saga.

      I can’t imagine what a restored world would be like. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this matter, but realistically, there’s no way to know what it will be like, other than that material creation will be restored to a state where is can be called “good”. We are told that there will be a “new heavens and a new earth”. Some interpret this as meaning that literally every atom, every quark and every gluon, of the physical realm will be replaced. I wouldn’t bet against it. The new heavens would mean that the spirit realm would be similarly regenerated. Not understanding anything about the way the spirit realm was made, I cannot even speculate about that aspect of things, other than to say that the spirit realm will likewise be renewed to a state where the effects of sin, death and Satan’s original lie, will be completely out of the picture.

      What we have now, even in this fallen world, is amazing. As I look out the window, there is abundant life. Plants bloom and grow, rodents thrive, deer and Javelina l prosper and humans inhabit the area; and this is a desert! Visit the Midwest and the number of lives supported per acre increases dramatically. God’s work is good, and remains good, even in these fallen circumstances; albeit sadly stained by the stain of sin.

      The more we learn about God, the more we will understand the natural world, and the more we learn about the natural world, the more we will learn about God.

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