Dark Suspicions

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The nooze is getting to me. It has aroused certain dark suspicions. Like these:

Joe Biden is a dybbuk.

The whole COVID thing is a rehearsal for global government.

The ultimate goal of the transgender movement is the extinction of the human race.

Behind the scenes, not-very-nice chimpanzees are running the show.

Tolkien wasn’t kidding when he wrote about Orcs.

You couldn’t stage a softball game with the number of Congressmen that China has not bought off.

I know, I know–it’s only nooze, most of it is lies. Mustn’t let it upset me. Pray harder, sing louder, laugh and make rude noises at pontificating liberals. Maybe we can laugh them off the stage. Let’s go, Brandon.

5 comments on “Dark Suspicions

  1. I know, it is too far out to believe. Unfortunately, I have been reading for decades about how things are going to be prepared for the end scenario, and now that I see this happening, those things are being verified, not denied. Something has to make people scared enough and in dire need enough to accept the anti christ who will come on the scene to “rescue” everyone who will accept is “mark”. Preparation setting people up with all this.

  2. You hit the mark with these comments about the goings on of today. Especially the notion that not-so-nice chimpanzees are running the show. I beginning to believe it as well.

  3. You would find the Council On Foreign Relations, also known as the Deep State, a private group of people who long for a one world system with themselves at the top – sound familiar?. Read Alex Newman’s book “The Deep State” to find out more.

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