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By Request, ‘How Unto Bethlehem the Pilgrimage of Kings’

Here’s another one I’d never heard before: requested by Phoebe, How Unto Bethlehem the Pilgrimage of Kings?, sung by the Robert Shaw Chorale. Can anybody identify the artist whose work illustrates this hymn?

By Request, ‘The Holly and the Ivy’

Phoebe asked for this one, The Holly and the Ivy, by the Robert Shaw Chorale. This was supposed to have lyrics, but I can’t find any. I think the little girl in the picture must have put them away somewhere, trying to be helpful.

Our Christmas Carol Contest continues!

‘What Child Is This?’ (Shaw Chorale)

The fallen world’s in trouble, headed straight to Hell, needs saving–

So God sent His Son. Not as a conqueror, but as a baby for whom there was no room at the inn. As an adult, He was a penniless wanderer. He was put to death in a shameful manner usually reserved for the worst criminals, although He had committed no crime.

By this His Son God saved the world.

What Child Is This?, sung by the Robert Shaw Chorale.

‘Good King Wenceslas’ (Robert Shaw Chorale)

We pray Phoebe is feeling better today. This is for her, Robert Shaw fan that she is–Good King Wenceslas, by the Robert Shaw Chorale.

Dec. 26 is St. Stephen’s Day, Phoebe’s birthday–and the anniversary of our first date, Patty and me: Dec. 26, 1976.

She has cancelled tomorrow’s doctor’s appointment, preferring to be home with our tree to sitting around in the waiting room.

‘Good Christian Men, Rejoice’

If God has granted my prayers and lifted my illness, I’m just now on my way to Christmas shopping and you’re listening to this–Good Christian Men, Rejoice, sung by the Robert Shaw Chorale.

By Request, ‘Christ Was Born on Christmas Day’

Let’s start the day with Phoebe’s request, Christ Was Born on Christmas Day, by the Robert Shaw Chorale.

I was sick all day yesterday with a wicked allergy attack, and awake all night with sinus toothaches and eye-aches; but I think I’ll be better sometime this afternoon. I’ve just begun to breathe again.

By Request, Masters in this Hall

It’s been years since I’ve heard this glorious old-fashioned Christmas hymn, Masters in This Hall, sung by the Robert Shaw Chorale. Thank you, Phoebe, for requesting it. Now let me see if I can find the lyrics.


(Best I can do: none of the youtube videos comes with lyrics)

‘Rise Up, O Men of God’

In Sunday school we used to sing this as “Wise up, O men of God.” Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings…

But of course it’s really the classic hymn, Rise Up, O Men of God. This performance is from a record cut in 1958 by the Robert Shaw Chorale.

Encore, ‘Good Christian Men, Rejoice’

The creche is still there, across the street, so I’m still doing Christmas music and still taking requests.

Good Christian Men, Rejoice, sung by the Robert Shaw Chorale–after years of hearing this as background music, I’m so glad to finally know the title and the lyrics that go with the melody. Jesus Christ is come in the flesh!

By Request, ‘The Boar’s Head Carol’

Phoebe has requested The Boar’s Head Carol, sung by the Robert Shaw Chorale. This English Christmas carol goes back at least to the 15th century and very probably earlier. It early became associated with St. Stephen’s Day, Dec. 26.

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