‘Under My Wings’

Hens shelter their chicks under their wings; even so, God shelters us, the Bible teaches. The lesson is found in Psalm 91, and repeated by Our Lord Jesus Christ in Matthew 23.

I guess I’ve seen too many videos: the more I see of chickens, and learn about them, the more I admire them. I could never raise them so I could eat them. I’ll be the ninny whose living room is overrun with chickens.

7 comments on “‘Under My Wings’

  1. Loose chickens are the bane for my garden that’s planted along our canal. Many of the folks living around me keep chickens, and a gaggle of those feathered foul are not kept in coops. You wouldn’t believe how fast one chicken can destroy six months’ worth of planting and mulching of my garden. They can dig in soft soil, a fox hole big enough to hold a dozen soldiers before you can sing “Old McDonald had a farm”. And to get hens, you need roosters, and that army of proud males abiding all around me makes their presence known by crowing, 24/7, 365 days a year.

  2. Sorry, but facts are facts. Chickens are wonderful, productive critters if properly handled, but otherwise, not so much.

    1. My Grandpa used to raise chickens for eggs and Sunday dinner. My mother shared some of her most hair-raising memories of … well, you can guess.

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