The Real ‘Peaceful Protest’ Is Treated as ‘Terrorism’

Justin Trudeau Is Trying To Silence Us - Spencer Fernando

“Listen up, you stinkin’ terrorists!

Justin Trudeau’s maniacal statist government is calling Canada’s truckers “terrorists” and has invoked the Emergencies Act and “anti-terrorist” measures–because the truckers, protesting COVID “mandates” and Canada’s not-so-slow drift into tyranny, have descended on Ottawa, the capital, and pretty much clogged it up.

Here I think a comparison is in order. Cast your mind back to the summer of 2020, here in the good ol’ USA.

How many people have the truckers… killed? None, of course. But Black Lives Matter and Antifa thugs killed at least 25 Americans in our riots. Which our nooze media called “mostly peaceful protests.”

How many public buildings have the truckers burned down, or tried to burn down? None, of course. But BLM and Antifa tried to burn down police stations.

How many private businesses, how many neighborhoods, have the truckers destroyed with looting and arson. None, of course. But BLM & Co. cost America some $2 billion in property destroyed.

The Canadian government calls the truckers “terrorists.” How many US Democrats, how many American nooze media flunkies, called the BLMsters terrorists? None, or course.

What action has been taken against the truckers? Anyone whom a bank “suspects” of using money to help “the illegal blockaders” will be cut off from all his money: no proof required, just suspicions. But here in America, celebrities and Democrat office-holders donated their money to paying bail for rioters and arsonists. No one talked about seizing their assets or freezing their accounts.

So what are we to learn from this? A lesson, I think, in leftist logic.

“Mostly peaceful” means “violent as Hell,” and a “terrorist” is someone who protests a public policy without killing anyone or burning down any buildings.

Truth is not in them. Ever.

7 comments on “The Real ‘Peaceful Protest’ Is Treated as ‘Terrorism’

  1. What a skewed and senseless view of things. Wait until they run out of supplies. Yes, I know, they have all kinds of round about avenues to acquire their ‘stuff”.

  2. People are already finding their bank accounts frozen, and the invocation of the EMA hasn’t even made it through the parliamentary process for approval, yet. It still needs to be voted on by the House of Commons and the Senate.

    1. I don’t remember ever seeing anything like this happen in Canada in my lifetime.
      But globalist “leaders” like Trudeau et al hate and despise the people they govern.

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