‘The Golden Age of Pure Crapola’ (2019)

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Still waiting to pounce on us…

Hey, here’s an idea! Let’s turn to teenage girls for advice on public policy!

The Golden Age of Pure Crapola

And when we trot out the kiddies, they’ll have fantastically corrupt and dishonest politicians clinging to them, waiting to pounce on us.

They just know they’ll get their precious global government–Climbit Chainge and King COVID make an unbeatable tag-team. And we all know by now that powerful natural processes can be controlled by protests and demonstrations!

And if that don’t work, sling a couple of poems at ’em! And chant slogans. That always impresses tides and ocean currents.

4 comments on “‘The Golden Age of Pure Crapola’ (2019)

  1. My understanding of how the world worked was pretty limited when I was in my teens, but I was convinced that I knew much more than I did. Children, and teens are children, are easily convinced of various points of view, because they lack experience. Having children leading is a recipe for disaster.

  2. What about acid rain? The ozone layer? Overpopulation? Deforestation? Future pandemics. There is plenty to be delirious about, so Climate Change is like an after thought

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