Sheik-Speer He Has Got to Be Re-Rote!!!!

A scary number of people claim to have seen ghosts

Anether vicktry foar “the” Stoodint Soviet heer “At” Collidge!!! We has gotted the Inglish Deportmint to re-rite Plaiys by Sheik-Speer! He was ackturally a Muzlim wymmxn!!

Frist thay are Goingto do a Do-Over on Mack Beth!!! He “was” caulled Beth becose “he” was a Trans Wymmxn!!!!!!! He “was” Queene of Skotland!! Biggits and Haters thay done himb In!!

Then thay wil Do Hamblet,, it Is a Plaiy abuot Vegans!!!! He was cauled “”Hamb-Let”” becose he ated Hamb!!! It maid himb Crayzy so he seed Gostes awl Araond “the” Cassle! This heer tradegy it hapened “In” Den-Mark wen Kennidy he “was” pressadint!!!

Yiu sea theez plaiys Thay “are” Oald-Fashinned,, thay knead To “be” Modrinized!!!! Awl the wyte Hetro-Normbativve privlidge stuph it Has “got” “Tobe” took auot!!!!!!! So No One thay are aloud “to” reed Or sea theeze plaiys “No More” not untill thay Awl get re-rote!!!! Wea Are Thincking of maiking Evvry-one ware Blined Foaleds so thay woont sea It “by” Axadint!!!!!!

Sumb Day wee whil re-rite Alll “the” Boocks oar Elsse jist taik themb awl Aweaiy!!!!! Wee doughnt kneed Boocks no moar Ennyhaow!!!!!!!!!!

Dems’ ‘Macbeth’: Where’s the Third Witch?

Image result for images of 3 witches stirring cauldron

Wow! We’ve got Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren huddling with Hillary “Crooked” Clinton–over what, that’s a secret: but it’s gotta have something to do with the Democrat presidential nomination (

Shakespeare’s Macbeth encountered three witches who told him he’d be king of Scotland. If the Dems want to play this scene, they still need one more witch. Who should it be? Which witch (no crepuscularity intended!) holds the final ingredient to poison America with a Democrat presidency?

Maybe I ought to set up a pool. Who’s the third witch? Ocasio-Cortez? Rosie O’Donnell? Or a real witch somewhere, who shall remain incognito as she fashions the Donald Trump dolls out of wax and sticks them full of pins, then pitches them into the boiling cauldron…

But what are they saying to each other, in these secret meetings–the phony Indian and the most corrupt woman in the Northern Hemisphere?

At stake in the next convention, in 2020, are the party’s “superdelegates”–party hacks and apparatchiks–many of whom are still controlled by Clinton.

“Hey, Hillary! Wanna be a Supreme Court justice?”

“Yo, Liz! You’re gonna need an attorney general, know what I mean…”

Who’s going to lead the parade of kooks?

Stay tuned!

The Magic of ‘Equality’

Our country’s leaders, like the three witches in Macbeth, continue to brew mischief. Even those whom we persist in calling Republicans are getting ready to unleash Income Inequality as a major campaign issue for next year ( ).

Give me a break. Is there anyone so abysmally stupid as to believe that government, somehow, as if by magic, has the ability to “distribute” income “more equally”? You know–like they did in North Korea, Zimbabwe, Cuba, and the dear old Soviet Union.

Well, our leaders are counting on millions of Americans being that stupid, and casting their votes accordingly.

Because we are no longer ashamed at all to go openly against God’s commandments, it’s the easiest thing in the world for America’s politicians–themselves wallowing in wealth–to hold up “the rich” as handy targets for public covetousness and envy.

“Yes, you morons! That’s what’s wrong with America–The Rich have too much money! Vote for me, and give me the power to take more of their stuff and give it to you!”

(And please do not pause to look at the onerous federal regulations that restrict the production and distribution of goods and services, and please ignore the heavy taxes laid on just about everyone and everything, which drives up the price. Please don’t mention the truly staggering cost of government, gigantic bureaucracies that serve no useful purpose, billions of dollars wasted on completely useless programs, sweetheart pension deals for government employees… Move along, move along–there’s nothing to see…)

Is it possible that there is even one dunderhead out there who actually believes that Nancy Pelosi or John McCain or George Soros or John Kerry is going to part with one penny of her or his fabulous personal wealth so that a disgruntled middle-class American can afford a slightly better cable TV package?

Remember, you don’t have to be poor to be envious. All it takes is seeing someone who has a nickel more than you have, and working yourself into a state over it.

We really are turning into a truly disgusting nation.