‘Australia Drinks the PC Kool-Aid’ (2018)

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Looking back on The World Before COVID, we find we shouldn’t have been at all surprised by Australia’s stampede to the Far Left. COVID was just another catalyst: they were already well on their way there.

Australia Drinks the PC Kool-Aid

So Australia’s major airline, Qantas, got hold of a booklet published by “the Diversity Council of Australia” and started beating passengers over the head with stupid made-up “gender neutral pronouns” and “uninclusive” words like father, mother, man, woman, etc. When they got caught, they denied doing it.

All it took was a germ to push them over the brink. Australia is now all but a police state.

Way to go.

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  1. So sad how the people of Australia let the Left take over their country. At least we had our Presidential election stolen – but then again, maybe their elections were stolen as well. Rush Limbaugh and other optimists say humans instinctively want freedom, but R. J. Rushdoony says humans who aren’t born-again instinctively want slavery – someone else to take care of them.

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