Why ‘Transgender’? Read Rushdoony

I have a great deal of trouble understanding the current push for “transgender,” which strikes me as an outright revolt against reality. But today I read this, in R.J. Rushdoony’s The Foundations of Social Order:

“This hatred of roots and of certainty is basic to revolutionary activity. The revolutionist destroys things of value precisely because they have a value apart from him. Only what he decrees can stand. The revolutionist destroys roots, values, and laws because they speak of certainty, and he is at war with certainty. This is the basis of revolutionary destruction. It seems senseless to those who fail to realize that destruction is basic to revolutionary faith” (pgs. 17-18).

Reading Rushdoony is always enlightening. Ah! They destroy the family, marriage, social stability, individual responsibility, and so much else precisely because these things have value, great value–and still have value no matter what those persons say or do. Because their value comes from God Himself, and not from man. And that’s what we, as Christians, are up against. And always have been.

It seems new, but it’s never been anything but more of the same: the old, old heresies and errors, constantly dressed up in new clothes but never changing underneath. Satan never comes up with truly new ideas.


3 comments on “Why ‘Transgender’? Read Rushdoony

  1. Marx said it at the beginning of his movement: “Everything that exists must be destroyed.”

  2. “He created them male and female and blessed them…” (Gen 5:2)

    Ultimately, it is an attack on God’s design. They want to erase God’s order and turn everyone into mindless drones who all look and think alike. Their fight is with God and it will not end well with them.

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