‘Rutgers Prof: “White People Own Time”‘ (2019)

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Good Lord, I actually went to this so-called university! And worked jobs I hated, to pay for it. What was I thinking?

Rutgers, the state university of New Jersey–where young minds go to die… poisoned by stuff like this.

Rutgers Prof: ‘White People Own Time’

If anybody talked like this about “black” or “brown” people, he’d be buried in an avalanche of hurt. But the looniversities spew hatred of white people every day of the year, and all they get is more and more and more of our money. (The Rutgers football coach is the highest-paid public employee in New Jersey. Sweet!)

Pray and work, work and pray, for an end to all this wicked foolishness.

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  1. As I recall, St. Augustine — a genuine African — is considered one of the leading philosophers in the area of time theory. And “brown” people of Central and South America had elaborate calendars and other means of measuring time.

    The professor in the interview doesn’t seem to understand the concept of time herself. What she calls “time” really has little to do with the description of the movement from one event to another, but more with the spatial and/or rhetorical arrangement of events. Is that what she means by “timeless,” i.e., ignorance of what time is? If so, she’s just called a whole group of (non-white) people ignorant.

    1. I think it would be fair to say the Mayans were obsessed with time. That’s how they created the world’s most accurate calendar until high technology came along.

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