‘Teacher’ Won’t Explain Why She Made Boy Wear Dress

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When I was in elementary school, it was not unusual for a “teacher” to humiliate a child in front of the class. It was a form of punishment. I don’t know if that’s what was going on here. No explanation is offered by the “teacher.”

In the background we can see a cross on the wall, indicating that this may be someone’s idea of a religious school. We are sorry to say that some of our supposedly Christian schools seem to be tainted with the same stupid wickedness that has consumed our public schools. (If it is a religious school, though, the teachers might not be unionized and it just might be possible to fire one. Worth a try, at least!)

Anyway, here’s a grandfather demanding to know why his grandson’s “teacher” made the boy wear a dress in class, two days in a row. And he can’t get an answer! “You have to talk to my director.” “I can’t talk to you, you’re not on the [unintelligible].”  She is unhappy that the frustrated man has raised his voice: she warns him not to do that “in front of my children.”

Whoa! Lady, these are not your children–and we would all like to know why you made a boy wear a dress. Is that something you learned in teachers’ college? And who gave you the right to stonewall the child’s grandfather? Does this have something to do with “fundamental transforming” of America? Maybe your fundament needs some transforming.

It’s getting so the only place where your children are safe is the family home–and that’s the best classroom, too.



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  1. If I were the grandfather, I would not tolerate this for a minute. I would grab the kid and leave- not to return

    1. You can pull your children out of any government school without giving a reason, if you want to home school them. Just tell the officials they are going to a different school. You do not have to tell them anything else. That is what I did. Do not tell the state anything, just do it.
      Here in the Philippines, I do not know what the “laws” are concerning homeschooling, but I didn’t ask, and just went ahead and schooled my son at home.

  2. These people are sick. This trans stuff is perverse when it comes to children. Places of education have no business in sex life or who a person thinks or will later think they are as individual.

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