Is ‘Education’ Really Going Crazy?

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Is it us, finally seeing what was there all along? Or has “education” really and truly run right off the rails in just the past few years?

I pose that as a question to my readers. What do you think? ‘Cause I can’t quite decide what I think. Sometimes one way, sometimes the other, and sometimes both.

They are pushing “transgender” like they’ve gotta get it done or die tomorrow. They are fomenting racial animosities. They are grooming children, some of them as young as kindergarten, for sex. Crikey! What kind of people have they got coming out of the teachers’ colleges? And who’s teaching them?

It has begun to spill over into religious schools. But the public schools are lost, broken beyond repair. As long as teachers’ unions stand in the way, the schools will never be fixed–not even a band-aid. Our only practical alternative is homeschooling. Pull the kids out and watch the public schools go bust. Convert the buildings to some other use. Let the former teachers’ union wackos pump gas or sweep the floor at the 7-11.

Yes. I’m afraid “education” really is as bad as it looks.

3 comments on “Is ‘Education’ Really Going Crazy?

  1. Teachers’ colleges have always been left-trending, and have also been inclined to follow the latest fads. And now, after many generations of the leftists indoctrinating future teachers and then the indoctrinated teachers staffing the teachers’ colleges to indoctrinate the next generation of teachers, and so on ad infinitum — factories of robots making robots to make robots to make robots — it’s no wonder today’s teachers are mindless followers of leftist fads. Furthermore, in order to show “innovation in excellence,” teachers have to keep coming up with new fads and gimmicks. And then their future-teacher students have to come up with even more new fads and gimmicks. So it keeps getting crazier and crazier.

  2. You are right; it is as bad as it looks. In fact, if we could really see ALL of what is going one, I’m afraie we would find it is even worse than we now think.

  3. Education is the acquisition of true wisdom and true knowledge. Thus, for the most part, many government schools are not centers for education, but places of indoctrination.

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