‘Is It Okay to Make Images?’ (Christian Bloggers)

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Once again our friend and colleague SlimJim tackles a claim of Biblical contradiction made by the Skeptic Annotated Bible.

Are we allowed to create images of living things, or explicitly forbidden by God’s word?

Bible Contradiction? Is it OK to make images?

I have a hard time imagining the mental landscape or the spiritual poverty of persons who devote themselves to “disproving the Bible.”

The images of cherubims on the Ark and on the curtains of the tabernacle–of course they were okay. What is not okay in the Bible is to create some kind of image and then worship it as an idol. Making images is permitted. Worshipping images is not.

Today people still worship the work of their hands–Science and technology, political parties, their own image in the mirror, etc., etc. We’re much too sophisticated to carve a face into a piece of firewood and then bow down to it.

But heathen foolishness is still very much with us.


4 comments on “‘Is It Okay to Make Images?’ (Christian Bloggers)

  1. If they worked half as hard to understand what the Scriptures really teach, their wisdom would kick in and they might be saved and transformed.

  2. We are surrounded by images. What is the Ford logo on a Ford automobile, other than an image? This goes for various trademarks, logos, etc. and these serve a useful purpose, to help in identifying a product as being part of an established brand name.

    God knows this as well, but He also knows that humans have a tendency to assign too much importance to things seen with the eye, and sometimes they will worship these images. This is especially important, because we worship a God we cannot see. More than that, there is no way to represent God Himself with an image. We can create an image, but that image will be of something God created, not of God. Obviously, we should not worship anything created, but should reserve our Worship for the Creator.

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