‘Kicking the Dead’ (2018)

Image: Anthony Bourdain on Pier 57, where he is planning to open Bourdain Market, in New York.

There’s nothing quite so Loving Left as abusing the dead. They do it all the time: for two cents they’d dig up the corpse and kick it down the stairs. You’ve seen how they react when anyone who isn’t them dies. It’s not pretty.

It’s a measure of how toxic their evil is, that lately conservatives have been whooping it up when a big-name leftid dies.

Kicking the Dead

This is creepy. We’ll be tearing down statues next, and desecrating tombs–just like they do.

Anthony Bourdain was not a prince. He was a big fat leftist. But to whoop it up because he died–because he killed himself–no, that’s not nice. Not nice at all. You could pick up a spiritual pollution.

Let’s save the slings and arrows for live villains. The ones that have to be thoroughly defeated if we’re to have any peace. And leave the dead in peace.

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  1. There are people for whom I feel little affinity, but it’s far more appropriate to wish that they’d learn to fear God than to wish them dead.

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