Diversity Czar: ‘Move D-Day to July’

D-Day invasion rare photos reveal the chronology of events - CNN Style

Seventy-eight years ago today, Allied soldiers stormed the beaches of Normandy in D-Day–beginning the liberation of Western Europe from the Third Reich. At high cost.

Today Diversity Czar Gottno Braynze has called for moving D-Day to July or August. “Because really,” he said, “June is Pride Month and that takes precedence over everything! Come on now–surely those men fought that war to make the world safe for Drag Queen Story Hour!”

The Regime may need to move D-Day back a little farther than that, Braynze said, “because American democracy, well, requires that Gays and Transgenders each get their own month. And it requires widespread celebration, no opting-out allowed!”

To ensure true diversity, he added, “anyone who mentions D-Day today will be packed off to prison.”

5 comments on “Diversity Czar: ‘Move D-Day to July’

  1. I actually believed this headline until I got to the diversity czar’s name. It’s something the leftist lunatics (but I repeat myself) running the country [into the ground] would really try to do — even more likely than abolishing observance of D-Day altogether. But come to think of it, I haven’t seen much about D-Day this year at all, except on a couple of conservative websites and (believe it or not) vintage comic strips from previous decades.

    By the way, there’s already another month set aside for LGBTQWERTY things: October, which is supposedly LGBT+ History Month. Apparently, October was chosen to coincide with Coming Out Day, which falls some time in October. But I’ve also seen a reference to its being in February. I don’t know why they don’t just do an LGBT+ Century or even Millennium and have done with it — except that BLM would complain about losing their month, as would the feminists about theirs, assuming there are enough feminists left now that the transits have canceled women.

    1. Is our country in serious trouble, or what?
      Ancient Greeks used to fear that certain crimes or atrocities would incur a spiritual pollution and their whole city would have to be cleansed somehow. Good thing for them they didn’t have a country.

    2. Those kinds of people (LGBTQWERTYINSANITY-R-US) already have their holiday, it’s April 1st.

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