Another Voice for Homeschooling

Actor-producer Kirk Cameron has come out with a new film about homeschooling, to open in theaters June 13-14: Homeschool Awakening ( It’ll only be in theaters those two days, so try to see it then.

Public schooling has become notorious for “inaccurate” and “immoral” teachings, Cameron says. (Gee, ya think?) He goes so far as to say America’s “public schooling system has become public enemy number one.”

If you stay with this blog, you’re guaranteed to see at least one new public schooling outrage every day.

In 2020-21, when they closed the schools because of King COVID, homeschooling increased 63%, to all-time highs. This year it’s slipped by 17% but is still way higher than it was before the pandemic.

Homeschooling has become more affordable and more efficient, while at the same time public schools have deteriorated into leftist propaganda mills. Critical Race Theory, Transgender, LGBTQetc.–not much time left for reading, writing, arithmetic or history!

I’m sorry, I’m getting carried away. Can’t help it. If any one factor can be called the leading cause of America’s decline, it’s public “education,” hands-down. We need Kirk Cameron’s movie. We need homeschooling. We need the courage to takes our kids out of those wretched public schools.

We need to save our country.


4 comments on “Another Voice for Homeschooling

  1. Certainly this is one of the most important problems we face, but there is also a great need for the churches of today to get serious about mis-information. The people of God need to follow the course we read of in Joshua and Judges; the need for repentance according to II Chronicles 7:14. If all of His people did that, He would hear and make the changes we so desperately need in our corrupted society.

  2. Homeschooling if done right is very superior to public school, even the charter schools. Many universities put homeschool students at the top of their recruit list.

  3. I homeschooled my sons for 3 years to keep them from the public elementary school I attended. I, sadly, had to relearn some math, science, and history (you know, things children are supposed to learn in school) to teach my eldest son. I created approximately 70% of the curriculum. I realized that in the realm of schooling, I am not smarter than a 5th grader.
    So, right on, Kirk!! I hope what he has done gets a lot of support.

  4. When you school your children at home, you can teach them anything you want. I just made a list of some of the things I wanted my son to know and just started to teach him. By the time he was eight, he could list and spell correctly, all 50 states, name each state’s capital, and knew when they became a state (I didn’t even know that). He knew that, and so much more. Would he have learned that in a government school?

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