Bonus Video: How Fast Can a Hippo Run?

You’d think a hippo would be way too fat to generate any speed. Boy, would you be wrong.

The hippo in this video hasn’t yet opened his throttle all the way, but he’s already much faster than you will ever run. Hippos also tend to be irritable if they think you’re encroaching on their territory. Believe it or not, statistically hippos are the most dangerous animals in Africa.

9 comments on “Bonus Video: How Fast Can a Hippo Run?

  1. I’ve always been fascinated by these creatures. They are wonderful, amazing animals, and yet another testament to the imagination and genius of our Creator. On land, they seem ponderous, but as the video shows, they are obviously pretty strong, and capable. In the water, they can perform ballet.

    All pachyderms amaze me. While being classified together, because of their thick skin, Rhinos, Hippos and Elephants are not that much alike. However, you don’t want to get on the wrong side of any pachyderm. Elephants are unpredictable, Rhinos are cranky, and Hippos, as you mention, are the most dangerous (to humans) animal in Africa, which is saying something.

    1. “Pachyderm” is an obsolete term: hippos, elephants, and rhinos are not closely related. Biology tells us hippos are related to whales, elephants to rock hyraxes (little cuddly things!), and rhinos to horses.

    2. Here’s a rock hyrax (if I can get the picture to display):
      Well, that didn’t work. Of course.
      They look kind of like quokkas.

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