Now I Hate Sports

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I can’t bring myself to illustrate this vileness. Here’s a nice rock hyrax instead.

I learned early on that sports do not build character. They just bring out whatever character is there. That’s what’s wrong with them.

So the other night at the ol’ ballpark was “Pride” Night, the night when normal people are expected to “celebrate” other people’s aberrant sexual practices. As in celebrate or else.

Five Tampa Bay Rays players removed the “Pride” logo from their caps and jerseys–because they didn’t want to be giving their support to something that they firmly believe to be a sin. Their gesture was performed almost apologetically. Like, “Oh, we’re sorry we can’t join in this celebration, it’s like not for us, but we love you guys and you’re really super wonderful people…” yatta-yatta.

They could’ve saved their breath. They got ripped as biggits anyway. All that backing and filling couldn’t save them.

ESPN the Far Left sports network brought on some dindle named Sarah Gesundheit or whatever it was ( And of course she called the players biggits for not allowing themselves to be drafted by the “Pride” crowd.

“Pride is about inclusion,” she babbled, “so you don’t love them [sodomites] and you don’t welcome them if you’re not willing to wear the patch.” She also described the Christian religion as “B.S.” If you’re subscribed to ESPN, shame on you.

They also like to say that all this moral chaos is about “just being yourself.” Well, how the devil can you ‘be yourself’ if they can force you to embrace something that you absolutely don’t believe in? Somehow it’s “hate” if it’s done to them and “social justice” if it’s done to us.

You used to be able to watch a ballgame and unwind. Now when you go to watch a game, they wind you up. You have to listen to some schiff-head nag you about “Pride.” Take pride in things that are shameful. Or else yer a biggit!. Maybe every now and then they’ll get around to baseball.

There can’t be two supreme moral codes in one nation. One or the other must prevail.

“As for me and my house,” Joshua said, “we will serve the Lord” (Joshua 24:15). Forget the backing and filling. It won’t do you any good.

10 comments on “Now I Hate Sports

  1. So is this Sarah Spain (should that be “Latinx”?) going to show her inclusivity by wearing a cross? (Yeah, sure. Now pull the other one.)

  2. I have just written a short Bible study including the Books of Joshua and Judges. We can expect to be severely disciplined if we go down this same road. God forbid His people of Joshua’s day to mix and mingle with the very immoral neighbors, and He has not changed one iota. Did anyone see the news item about our “president” saying “zion should be Islamic””…?

    1. Being on the wrong side of Genesis 12:3 is not such a good idea. It’s coming to a head, and Yahweh will make Himself known to all nations. I have learned that one should never speak against Israel. I wish all politicians knew this.

    1. The idea of 24 hr. News or sports strikes me as ridiculous. I would, however, subscribe to a channel that featured 24 hr. Roadrunner cartoons. 🙂

  3. I don’t know. II never watch it, and almost no news at all. It is only irritating and tiresome waste of time.

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