‘Silliest Job in the World: Kampus Kop’ (2017)

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“Call in the forensics team!”

Living proof that college actually makes you stupid! When they’re not mistaking a Catholic priest for a Ku Klux Klanner, college “students” freak out over the ordinary litter found on campus sidewalks.

Silliest Job in the World: Kampus Kop

That’s when the kampus kops swing into action, *Investigating* little bits of trash that might constitute a lynching threat. God knows what they’d make of a discarded Lifesavers wrapper. Does it have White Supremacist cooties on it?

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  1. That’s astounding. There are some very weak children out there, coddled by an education system that seems to want them to get weaker, and some of these colleges are bound and determined to finish the job. Litter happens. It’s not good, but people litter. Sometimes it’s not deliberate, a piece of paper gets away, caught by the wind. There’s actually a procedure for dealing with such events: pick it up and throw it away.

    In this case, it was some plastic wrap which, to suspicious eyes, resembled a noose. Or it could just be some plastic wrap, with a knot in it. What would these children do if they ever came upon a logging operation, or someone trying to winch a stuck vehicle out of a ditch? Do they wake up in the middle of the night, having had a dream about a sailing ship? A rope, or a piece of plastic with a loop and a knot is not a noose. Nooses are a very specific sort of knot, designed to slip, so that it can tighten. It’s not a pleasant thing to contemplate, but then again, it’s not used by the government, anymore. Lynchings are pretty rare, too.

    I have some advice for the snowflakes of the world. There are evil things which occur, but the way to deal with these is to stand up to what is evil, and, most importantly, don’t waste time looking for evil or trying to impugn the motives of others. There’s enough real evil in the world, we don’t need to make up evil, out of thin air.

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