‘UN: Only 12 Years Till Doomsday!’ (2018)

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“Oh, if only we’d let them have that carbon tax!”

Well, that was four years ago, so now I guess we’ve only got eight years before Climbit Change–and lack of government control over our disorderly peasant lives–wipes us all out.

UN: Only 12 Years Till Doomsday!

Of course, they don’t mind wiping out the human race by turning all the boys into fake sterile girls and all the girls into fake sterile boys, promoting homosexuality, and aborting every baby they can get their hands on. That’s Far Left Crazy globalism for you.

How about it? Do we give them all our money, and vast new powers over us, in hopes that they can save us?

Or should we treat them as we treat extortionists and racketeers?

6 comments on “‘UN: Only 12 Years Till Doomsday!’ (2018)

  1. They deserve only what could correct them. umm, that is a difficult one. They are brainwashed and are working hard to make us like them.

  2. Unfortunately, we don’t “give” them anything. They take. And if we object we’re either ignored or labeled domestic terrorists and put in jail.

  3. Ted Cruz held a public meeting recently with Michael Knowles and told the audience how Climate Change is a hoax and that the Artic Ice has increased over the last 10 years. Biden, Kerry, the WEF make up a Climate Change Cult.

    1. It’s nothing but an excuse to be dictators. And then when nothing happens, they can say, “See? Weren’t you smart to give us all that power?”

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