AZ Dems Say ‘F*** the 4th!’

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Totally full of you-know-what

Really, are you still in any doubt at all as to where Democrats are coming from?

Honk if you think the term “patriotic Democrat” is anything but an oxymoron.

Pima County, Arizona, Democrats had a message on their website a few days ago: “F*** the 4th!” ( It was posted to advertise an event staged by the Tucson Women’s March… idiots who “grieve for the loss of their bodily autonomy.” It’s full-throttle “Handmaid’s Tail”: these people do love drama.

Uh, how did they lose their bodily autonomy? By being forced to take newfangled experimental “vaccines” whether they want to or not? Heavens no. They were all for that.

No, it was that evil mean Supreme Court that went and overturned one-size-fits-all “abortion rights,” returning the issue to the individual states.

How about the as-yet unborn baby’s bodily autonomy? Oh, that doesn’t count! Democrats want to abort babies right up to and including the moment of birth.

Anyway, the Pima Dems got beaucoup backlash for their little Fourth of July message, and deleted it–but heck, the cat was already out of the bag. For them it’s either The United States of Abortion or nothing.


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