Celebrate Independence by Obeying Globalists!

Tents from the homeless on the sidewalk in San Francisco, California, USA  Stock Photo - Alamy

Are you sure you want globalism? Dig the “Right Turn Only” sign. That’s there because they’ve already made their Left Turn. And how.

They’re at it again–trying to get us peasants to eat bugs (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/07/eat-bugs-live-pod-south-african-entrepreneur-says-caterpillars-healthier-option-steak-latest-push-convince-people-eat-bugs/). This time it’s “mopane worms” from Africa.

We’re supposed to eat bugs instead of meat, ’cause it’s “more sustainable.”

Tell you what: I’ll think about eating creepy-crawlies after I see Obama and Kerry and Hillary and Biden actually do it. Here ya go, a nice bowl o’ bugs!

Will the day come when we have no independence at all? When we still celebrate the 4th of July, but have had its meaning erased from our minds?

Or will we come to our senses and pitch these globalist tyrants into history’s landfill with all the other tyrants?

5 comments on “Celebrate Independence by Obeying Globalists!

  1. Even aside from the disgusting nature of the project — both physically and morally — has anyone actually done the research on how many of these caterpillars and mealworms per day it would take to feed the billions of people on Earth, and how many trees or other forms of vegetation it would take per day to feed the caterpillars, including how many acres it would take, and how the acreage would be rotated so as not to be stripped bare in the first few weeks? I’d call these people morons, but somehow I doubt whether they’re serious about any of it, rather than just wanting to put a scare into people about what’s coming next — maybe even to distract people from what’s **really** coming next.

  2. I’m for the latter – but America and the modern world is so far gone over to the dark side, nothing but an intervention by our Sovereign God can accomplish it (but he will use willing vessels, His remnant).

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