Tell Me Again Why We Despise ‘Journalists’


When a “renowned journalist” in Australia got her fingers burned, playing with fire, she played dumb. Honk if she fooled you.

“Renowned journalist” Lana Murphy covered a pro-abortion demo in Melbourne–although why Australia should have a near-riot over a U.S. court decision is pretty far beyond me. She was photographed holding a sign that said,”Mary [Virgin Mary, that is] should have had an abortion.”

The Renowned Journalist posted the pictures on social media, as if she were proud of them. Then people saw the pictures and the backlash hit.

First the Renowned Journalist said it wasn’t her sign, someone in the crowd handed it to her. Well, she looks awfully happy to be holding it, doesn’t she?

Then she “apologized.” For a Renowned Journalist to blatantly take sides in a public controversy was, she said, “a mistake.” Funny: I could’ve sworn she’d done it on purpose.

Then the network announced that the Renowned Journalist would be given “counseling” so that she would understand that cheerleading for abortion and blaspheming against the Christian faith just might somehow offend some people. Apparently this particular Renowned Journalist is as thick as two bricks–“Gosh! How could I have ever guessed they’d be offended?”

She has her defenders on the social media. One ignoramus tried to bite “the Christo-fascists” who got the Renowned Journalist pulled off the air for a day or two.

Tell ya what, sunshine. Why don’t you and your friends fly over to Iran, or Afghanistan, or Saudi Arabia and try marching around with signs that say Mohammed’s mama should’ve had an abortion? Try that and see where it gets you. I’m guessing it gets you dead.

Meanwhile–hey, Lana, the cat’s out of the bag, now everybody knows where you’re coming from.

But who trusts “journalists” anymore?

2 comments on “Tell Me Again Why We Despise ‘Journalists’

  1. I fully support freedom of belief. My beliefs are only meaningful, if I choose them of my own free will. So, even though I don’t support the conclusions someone may choose for their beliefs, I will defend their right to decide as they see fit. But to insult someone for believing differently, and to even go so far as to state something that deliberately offends the beliefs of others, is wrong.

    Now, I will discuss my beliefs with others and explain why I believe as I do, but I will do so respectfully. I once had a discussion with a practicing Moslem. He told me that it is a sin to insult a prophet, so he would never say that Jesus wasn’t a prophet, but he did not believe that Jesus was the Son of God. Ok. Fair enough. I don’t agree with his conclusion, but I can at least respect that he made his point respectfully and didn’t intend any offense. We disagree, but we do so respectfully.

    On the other hand, to suggest that Jesus should have been aborted is simply designed to offend. I get it; you she doesn’t believe that Christ is the Son of God, and perhaps she doesn’t believe in God, which is her prerogative, but she can make this point in other ways. This strikes me as a deliberate attempt to cause offense.

    But my opinions, and for that matter, the opinions of every professing Christian on earth, don’t amount to a hill of beans, compared to the opinion of our Maker. If she is wrong in her opinions, she has just insulted the Creator, and His means of deliverance for all mankind, and done so in a very ugly way. I don’t believe that God is unkind, or vengeful, but I believe that even He has a limit.

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