‘The Crime of… Plastic Straws!’ (2018)

What Can Adults Learn From Children? – Michael J. Fite

Remember this? Several California cities wanted to make it a crime–punishable to prison time!–to hand out plastic straws.

The Crime of… Plastic Straws!

Y’see, plastic straws were *Destroying The Planet*, every day some half a billion (!) of ’em were being handed out, we’re doomed, I tell you–doomed–!

Then they found out the “information” on which the policy was to be based came from a 9-year-old kid who’d phone some straw manufacturers to get some material for his school science project. The noozies, of course, were eating it up, never questioning the source (because they’re gonna Save The Planet, too)… Damn! We can’t chuck someone into prison for that!

It’s all crap. Everything that comes from liberals is crap.

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