Don’t Explain It, Just Deny It

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For many of us, our biggest worry about “vote-by-mail” in national elections is voter fraud. Our second-biggest worry is an inept postal service dissolving into chaos. Either way, Democrats wind up stealing the election.

I soon gave up researching this topic, because Far Left Crazy dominates the search. They’re all out there airily denying even the possibility of massive voter fraud, it just can’t happen, it won’t happen, and all those stories you’ve heard about illegal aliens, dead people, and fictitious people voting, those are just Republican conspiracy theories, those things never, ever happen! No argument, no evidence, is ever given: just the flat assertion that vote-by-mail is honest as the day is long.

They even defend ballot harvesting, if you give them half a chance. That’s when some political party op shows up with a fistful of papers he claims are votes he’s collected at a nursing home and honest-to-Pete all these signatures are valid!

The only comfort I have is the observation that Democrats wouldn’t be so frantically pushing all these buttons if they really thought they had it in the bag.

Put them back in power, and our republic goes away. Probably forever.

Florida County’s 2018 Election Was a Mess, Auditor Charges

Voter Fraud Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

Here’s what the state auditor has to say about the 2018 elections in Broward County, Florida:

“Based on the totality of these issues, we are unable to provide assurance over the accuracy of the November 2018 election results as reported” (

Among those “issues”: In half the precincts in the county, there were more ballots cast than there were eligible voters; “confusing ballot design” led to incomplete voting; “blank ballots” got lost; “poor quality control” in the recount; and more votes than there were voters. Other than that, it was fine.

And Democrats demand “vote by mail” in this year’s national elections! No way to ensure the elections’ integrity! The door left wide, wide, wide-open to voter fraud! Which is, of course, the lifeblood of the Democrat Party.

We can’t even keep order in Broward County.

Is this really the time to be messing around with elections nation-wide?

Is This Quite On the Level?

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Washington State has “vote by mail” in this year’s presidential primary. The election is on March 10, but many people have already voted early–by mail.

This year, you have to declare your party affiliation–and it can only be Democrat or Republican, no other allowed–on a box on the outside of the envelope. The box comes with a pledge that testifies you really are a Democrat or Republican and have not tried to participate in the other party’s primary. If you don’t check the box, your vote won’t count (

There are already some 36,000 ballots received that won’t count because the voters “made mistakes.”

We are assured by state election officials that nobody in the postal service will see the Republican box checked and decide to help Social Justice by throwing that ballot away. Heck, no leftid would ever try to cheat in an election! Just because Washington has more than its share of Far Left Crazy doesn’t mean there’ll be any cheating. You have their word on it!

Spokane County Auditor Vicky Dalton said that “because of privacy concerns,” she won’t vote in this year’s primary ( Either you don’t vote at all, she said, or everybody knows your party affiliation. “Our voters don’t like that,” she added: her switchboard’s been lighting up a lot since the new ballots were published.

They’re voting by mail because the Washington legislature moved up the primary date so that Washington would play a bigger role in deciding the nomination.

We’ll see if Bernie Sanders is far enough to the left for Washington Democrats.