Archbishop Vigano: ‘Globalism Is Satanism’

Abp. Viganò: On the Unfolding Passion of the Church

Archbishop Vigano

Lifesite News this week has shared a speech made by Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano two years ago. Don’t worry, it hasn’t gone out of date. If anything, it’s more pertinent now than ever (

One quote takes us to the heart of the matter:

“Never expect the truth from the Great Reset advocates. For where there is no Christ, there is no truth, and we know how much they hate Our Lord.”

Hello, churches–hello? He’s right, you know. He says we’ve got to work together and “rebuild Christendom”–because the alternative is “essentially satanic.” Christianity or globalism–we can’t have both.

They hate Our Lord, and don’t let them fool you: they’re not that fond of the human race, either. Always talking about “useless” people who only consume resources–“eaters,” they call us–and who need to be mickeyed out on drugs and video games until they can decide how many of us they ought to allow to stay alive. No, these are not nice people.

At its very, very best, their dystopia would look like Red China.

But I doubt they’d ever come close to being at their best.

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  1. The Vigano article is very long but very worth reading all the way through. I printed out a copy so I could read and ponder it at leisure. Vigano connects all the dots — and has a needle-sharp wit that puncture’s all the Enemy’s obfuscations.

  2. All power in heaven and earth has been given to Jesus our High Priest, so why has the devil been able to get control over so much our planet. Jesus is the Savior of the world, right? This is a stumbling block to faith, and one we must overcome.

    1. Mankind will be allowed to develop to its completion, before God acts. What is happening, happens by God’s permission, so that everyone will see the end result of alienation from God.

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