Jobydin’s Gonna Get You!!!

Biden speaking in Philly with a red background

Boiy did Pressadint Jobydin give themb “Watt Foar” lassed nite!!!!!

It reely “is” aboat Tyme sumbboddy De-claired WAR on evry Durty Fashist that Iznt Woke!!!!! I doughnt cair “iff” thay has to Put A Millyin Millyin of themb “IN” Jale!!!! Make the Repulblickan Porty aginst The “law”!”! It Is “a” Thret to Ore Dumocrassy!!!!!!!!

That thare speatch Lassed nite IT MAID ‘MEE’ PROWED to Be a MECKSAKAN!!!!

Whel watt “Are” we wating Foar??? Letz staart Rownding “Up” Repubblickans and Crischins and Consurfatiffs and Hoemoe-fobes and Trans-fobes,, Rownd themb all “Up” and putt themb ware No Boddy thay whil “nevver” heer fromb themb Agin!!!!! THAT is haow we Pro-tecked Our Dumocrassy!!!!!!!!!!

Heer at Colidge “the” Stoodint Soviet we voated younanimusle to maik Pressadint Jobydin an Onner-Airy Sock Puppit of Pressadint “Obomma!”!!” Thiss heer it En-Tyttles himb to comb To “our metings” And Sleeep!!!!

Yiu Racists and Haters yiu jist beter Whatch Out!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. He uses warlike colors of deep red while uniformed Marines are on the scene – what an egomaniac (he scares no one on the Trump Train). CNN changed the deep red to a hot pink when they covered the political speech that wasn’t suppose to be a political speech! I like what Bret Baier said about Biden’s semi-fascists remarks falling into a Hillary basket of deplorables.

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