Noozie’s Dire Warning: ‘A Threat from Within’

Meet the Press'" real problem: What to expect from the Chuck Todd  misadventure |

Would you buy a used car from this gorp? How about some used propaganda?

How many steps do we still have to take before we’ve walked so far away from freedom that we’ll never find the way back?

*FBI spying on parents. *Biden calls tens of millions of us “semi-fascists” and “threat to our democracy.” *FBI raids Donald Trump’s home. *FBI raids homes of at least 35 Trump supporters <<<hard to be sure, with a nooze media blackout in play.

And yesterday it was noozie Chuck Todd on Meet the Press, gabbling about “We’re now as a nation battling a threat from within” (

What threat, Chuckles? Do you mean us? Everybody who doesn’t hop onto your little CRT-transgender-illegal alien-UN-Climate Change-World Economic Forum bandwagon?  He doesn’t say. He doesn’t elaborate. Just “a threat.”

Face this fact: We are governed by persons who hate us. “Dissent” was a cherished civic virtue in the 1960s… when Democrats wanted us to turn on Richard Nixon–and on the war in Vietnam which Democrats got us into in the first place. We were told to stand up and cheer for “dissent.”

Now it gets you a midnight visit from the FBI.

In all our nation’s history, we have never been closer to losing our freedom than we are now.


2 comments on “Noozie’s Dire Warning: ‘A Threat from Within’

  1. They do all the false flags. f b i is always recruiting and training the numnuts and then claims to be the hero when they come in. all the 3 letter agencies work against the people. How is it that doctors now destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedoms, the press destroys information, religion destroys morals, and the banks destroy the economy. We need to make them irrelevant.

  2. The Biden Ad and the MSM calls us names but never give examples or evidence to back it up. They are all Saul Alinsky protégés who call their opponents out for the things they themselves are doing.

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