Arrogance: ‘We Own the Science’

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Worshiping the Golden Calf–some things never change.

Some dindle from the United Nations has let the mask slip.

“We own the science,” she said, at a World Economic Forum pow-wow, “and the world should know that” (

She also bragged, “We partnered with Google” and other Big Tech to suppress anything that went against the globalist “science narrative,” labeling all dissent “disinformation.” See, they’re the only ones who’re giving you the straight dope. The UN, the WEF, and Big Tech. I mean, if you can’t trust them, who can you trust?

The UN Under-secretary for Global Communications–hot dog. I won’t bother to type out her name: her kind is a dime a dozen.

Y’know–if the “science” really is “owned” by some political faction, then it isn’t really science at all, is it?

What do you get when you mix science and politics? You get politics!

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  1. These people are the last ones I would ever believe. Playing god is what they do, and they disgust me to the max.

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